Don’t settle 

I’ll try I’ll try I’ll try 

I held hands to the sky 

Prayed for God to forgive me

Show me, open for me.


Even if they were hard to open

I’ll try.

Why do we still settle like our ancestors?

How come doors still close?

I’ll try 

To understand my worth 

I’ll try 

How come my feminism didn’t work?

I’ll try 

To empower myself 



Self care again and again 

I’ll try self care 

How come we still settle?

But are they not human too? 

But it’s intention darling.

Remember intention

I’ll try 

How come you don’t feel worthy? 

Of real love?

Deserving love? 

I tried 

And tried 

And tried

Why do we still settle?

Fighting thoughts, thoughts won

Unlearning, learning, reproducing

I wasn’t like this before 

I’ll try

To be the best of myself 

To hold myself accountable 

I’ll try 


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