We are so far 

So close


But in different states

I’m tired and you are too

We breathe in 


Say I love you’s in tongue

Through song lyrics

Neither says it back 

We create distance 

When we don’t have to 

Call the stars to connect us 

We run through fields 

To reach each other 

But map out mazes so we leave from different exits

We like pictures, comments 

Don’t talk for years 

We say hi passively in hallways 

How are you’s that don’t really warrant more than “I’m fine, you”

Books connect us 

Politics don’t 

Remember that conversation we had

I don’t either 

We lay down to cuddle 

Wake up with the other gone

Two plates for breakfast 

One untouched 

We create fantasies out of this thing called love

Wake up from nightmares 

Forget the look we most loved

Eyes are not alive anymore 

Years pass so fast 

So so fast 

We lose each other in dry conversations 

That go nowhere 

Leave memories on floors

Step on them like they don’t exist 


Is not a thing to hold

So how can we find it once again 

We lay down in different lives, goodnight


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