I guess 

I apologize for disappearing sometimes My last seen was 3 days ago

I guess

I don’t know why my aunt hasn’t called me

in 2 months, she told me she loves me

I’m sorry that

I added salt to the labne

it was what mama taught me 

I guess 

I don’t know why people ask me where I’m from 

When I’m back home

But I’m from here?

And when I asked him

why he ignored my messages when they weren’t flirty,

he said he’s not ready for a serious relationship 

I never learn

Mama said you never learn 

I guess 

I’m trying to make sense

I cry in prayer for worldly matters 

How come they asked me 

where I’m from 

I’m from here I say 

But where I’m really from?

My Arabic is not great

but I’m still from here 

I’m sorry 

I haven’t replied to your messages 

My feminism said 

I don’t need to 

Maybe my feminism is wrong

I guess

Things are not going 


Death sounds easy 


Why did they tell me it’s not 

Ma said he hits her 

4 years 3 children 

Strong passionate

How come 

The cars been parked for a while now

I’d rather walk

Weather so cold 

I can’t feel 

I’m sorry 

23 years of taking up space

I guess 

I don’t know myself 

I sometimes fall asleep 

While driving 

Deadlines are coming

Mama said I’ll age fast 

My skin is already sagging 

My eyes 

I worry for them 

My Islam is not that 

Don’t you see how free I am

The athan app is asking me if I prayed

I prayed after I sinned today

forgive me God 

I guess

I’ve lost it long ago 

I stopped baking cakes 

No pancakes on Saturday 

Overuse social media 

No I’m not that happy 


But back to the beginning 

I’m sorry I can’t message back


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