Little parts of me, they say 

I leave little parts of me in

everyone I meet

They say I remember you 

The political girl

Muslim girl

Looks like you’ve gotten more liberal girl?

I can see your hair 

Didn’t you once say that was 


Am I saying that right?

I leave parts of my life in everyone 

I’ve ever met 

Even bad parts

They say remember when you told 

Me that you were being 

Forced to get married 

Oh yeah your religion-

No, you said culture? Right? 
Sometimes I leave sour tastes in people’s mouth
They say remember when you called me out

I said Arabic instead of Islam

Scarf thing instead of hijab
I leave revolutions in people’s minds

They say remember that time you invited us to that protest?

Summer of 2014

Long 7 train walks time square 

You spoke of Gaza a lot 

How is Gaza doing btw?
Sometimes I leave good parts 

They say remember how you shared that chocolate 

Packets of Nescafé

Remember the tabla salad 

Oh right taboola? 
Sometimes people take the parts of me I gave them and throw them out 

Like my best friends of 2 years 

Like being blocked on snapchat

Like 2 years later sitting next to each other in class and not saying a word 

Like that 
And sometimes I take parts back and give new parts 

They say Zeina you’ve changed 

You’re so sassy now 

So confident 
And sometimes I give the same parts of me over and over 
They say 

Wow, you’re still the political girl

The Muslim girl

You haven’t changed 


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