Still day one (of healing) 

I stayed after class (at 9pm clap for me) to help my professor take up genograms and we sat and talked for half an hour even though she was so tired because she was up all week taking care of her first grandchild (cue the awes) and she knows I’m Palestinian from my last class and showed me this article (not sure if normalization, will update). She kept logging off her computer and thinking of stuff to show me then logging back on. She must have done it several times. It was so nice. We talked about phd and Grad school and she said she would help me find research opportunities and would reach out to everyone she knows, she’s so great. It’s 9:23 pm, I need to get home and pray everything and I have to present a case tomorrow and I’m so nervous because all the counseling professionals in my office will be there but the night feels so light and I’m grateful for that and short unexpected meetings. Alhamdililah 


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