Give us our protection back 

It’s 10:30 pm, 

I’m home and I swallow 2 pieces of malfuf quickly. I need to pray 

I see my 8 year old sister’s tubberwares, washed, green, delicate, sitting on top of each other on the dish holder.

Do you remember when we were little? How if someone in school died, counseling was recommended? Remember how they understood if we needed days off? Do you remember that? 

Now we are losing others, losing ourselves and no one bats an eye. No how are you’s, no hugs, no take the time you need, no time, no space, no healing. 

What was it about being a kid that was so soft? Why did we need protection and when did that stop? 

I wonder why we’ve all grown so broken? Can we have that support back? Can we have that hug back, that how are you?

no really, how are you? 


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