Siti once said (in progress)

Siti: grandma

Sidi: grandpa
Siti once said that the bottom of the coffee cup told your fate.

I would laugh

And question how the heavy-ness of  the coffee on the bottom of the cup that no one would like told my fate

Sidi would get mad, he said it was haram

“We don’t believe in that”

Siti, I would say. Tell me what my coffee cup says. Sido, I promise I don’t believe in it.

Siti looked once in the cup, then looked into my eyes, it was like a staring competition.

She said a beautiful tall boy is in your future.

I laughed and said tell me something I don’t know

There was already a beautiful tall boy in my present.

But I couldn’t tell her that.

Siti, tell me more about this beautiful tall boy,

She said he’s smart, has curly hair, smells of Yasmin

My tall beautiful boy didn’t smell of Yasmin, but then again I’ve never been  close enough to tell

Siti, what’s his name?

She said his name is Hani. We both erupted into laughter

Siti? Hani, the neighbor?

Siti was still laughing, her teeth were about to fall out

Sidi came around again and said I told you we don’t believe in it.


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