Part 3: He responded 

Ibby responded to my Fb message with hala (hi) I ran upstairs to tell my aunt like the desperate idiot I was at that time. I asked him how he was and he said he was doing good and we spoke about his job and it was Ramadan so we spoke about fasting during the hot weather. He said, “you’re not from here!” I answered I am but that I live in the states. And he said that he wanted to come to the states so again my desperation came out and I said, “come!” I wish my best friend was around to smack me silly, but he was so irresistibly cute!! Anyways, we kept talking and he said he needed a counselor when I explained what I do and in mind I was like hell yeah 😉 but I just asked him what’s wrong. He answered back “that’s for later!” All the hope he gave me that sack of shit. He finally asked, “why did you message me?” I ran upstairs to ask my aunt and she told me to tell him I just wanted to get to know you as ibn balady (son of my country) and nothing else. That was it, my aunt friend zoned him and me. He ended it with May God keep you happy. Next day came and no message. Day after no message, day after still nothing. My aunt warned me “do not message him” and what did I do? 

Messaged him 


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