Part 2: Stalk him

I did an investigation to find out this boy’s full name, family, and most importantly Facebook. My aunt found his brothers Facebook but we couldn’t find his. I did some investigating on my own using my 3G internet which was successful as I finally found that sack of shit. I didn’t add him because I needed to make sure it was cool with my aunt. Turns out my aunt also found him which was better because I didn’t wanna look like a stalker. Anyway, she said it’s cool, I could add him. But what was the point of adding him and not messaging him? My aunt and I went back and forth since my neighborhood is small and I am an American so she didn’t want people to talk about how wi3ha I am. My other more conservative aunt was gung ho no about it. She’s single and in her 40’s so I was like listen Amto a woman has got needs and she was like yeah you right. Jk, I would never say that she would never reply that so anyway!!! 2 weeks later and I still haven’t messaged him!!!! I was literally about to leave Palestine and I didn’t message this guy. I told my aunt I need to do it!!! I need to before I leave. She said you can send him hi. that’s it. not even an emoji. I sent hi 🙂


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