Part 1: Let’s call him Ibby

His name was Ibby. He was a cute, tall, dark, and handsome 25-year-old Palestinian boy. He worked in a clothing store a block away from our apartment in Nablus. My first encounter with him was one of the first few nights we were there when my sister, my aunt, cousin’s wife and I went out for a walk. We went into his store and my sister bought a blouse. My aunt knew him, her nickname for him was Barhum. We were talking in English because my cousin’s wife does not speak Arabic. I went to pay for my sister’s shirt and saw cute earrings with Arabic on them. They were on the cashier in front of Ibby. My intention was not to get his attention, but to ask what the earrings said. He read what was on them and we left. On the walk, my sister told me how he was looking at me like he was intrigued by me. And that’s how it started…..


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